When Zara lost inspiration!

24 Jun

Betty's picture in 2009


As we know, Zara based its success on creating multiple collections all year long inspired by famous brands for an accessible price. However, who could imagine that now they are finding inspiration on famous fashion blogs? Last May, the famous French blogger Betty (i.e. blog de Betty) has complained about a t-shirt from Zara who is almost the same replica of one of her own pictures that she has published on her blog.

T-shirt from Zara in 2010

This month, it is the turn of Miss Pandora another French blogger who can see her portrait over Trafaluc T-shirt from Zara.

Miss Pandora and Zara

We can see that they make the effort to change some details but it’s still obvious that they copied the photos published in their blogs.

On one hand, I think it is very flattering to see your face on thousands of T-shirts all over the world. It can be seen as an accomplishment as a blogger to be a source of inspiration for a huge brand like this.

Personally, if one day I find one of my pictures on a Zara t-shirt I will buy a lot of them and put one in a frame to put it in my home ha-ha! Maybe I should start to publish pictures of me that look a bit edgy.

Anyway, the only problem is that Zara did not ask the bloggers if they would agree to create a t .shirt from one of their personal pictures. It is surprising from Zara, which is big enough to buy the rights for the pictures. If it was someone very famous, they would have done the necessary to sell the T -shirt s but because it’s just some random girls from the net they feel like there is no obligation to ask their permission.

So Zara, if you are reading my blog and if one day you find super gorgeous picture of me, I give 200% the right to sell T-shirts representing myself  all around the world, but please just sign under the picture, LL.



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One Response to “When Zara lost inspiration!”

  1. Kikinoo June 24, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    I can’t believe a company like Zara could do this. I like your pic better than the other two :)

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