Best Lip Balms with SPF

15 Jul


After a few months of absence due to technical problems (I couldn’t access my blog), I am back with tons of reviews and things to say. I am living in China so sometimes it can be quite a challenge to get access to some websites because of the policy here.  I hope I will be able to blog freely in the future.

Today I want to talk about lip balm. In fact we always think to put lip balm during the winter to nourish and protect our beautiful lips, but what about summer? We know sun exposure is very damaging for the skin including the lips. We all think about our face and body, but the lips can be damaged too.

In the long-term it can lead to a skin tumor (called solar keratosis) which usually appears later in life and arises in areas of skin exposed to the sun.

So here you have a selection of lip balms with SPF that you can put all day long to protect your lips from the bad UVA/UVB rays:

Organic: Lavera Sensitiv + SPF 5 Lip balm

Price: 7USD Weight: 4.5g

Enriched in Organic Shea butter this balm will nourish and protect your lips from the sun. Sensitive lips benefit from the addition of organic evening primrose oil, rich in essential fatty acids, to restore suppleness to sensitive lips.

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Oscar 2011 Red Carpet: TOP 10 Best Dressed

2 Mar


Once more the red carpet was looking like a fashion show with outstanding dresses and gorgeous jewelry.

Here is my TOP 10 of the best dressed celebrities.

N°10: Gwyneth Paltrow in simple but very elegant sleeveless champagne gown by Calvin Klein.

Photo by: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

22 Feb

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

During my trip to Hong Kong, I discovered in a very small corner of a big mall the Lip Scrub by Sara Happ.

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ is a very efficient scrub with great scents like Almond Crème, Vanilla Bean, Brown sugar, Cinnamon sugar, Cocoa, Peppermit and Crème Brulée! Scrubbing your lips has never been so delicious ! I smelt all of them and they really smell good and the cherry on top, it comes in a chic box. 

Despite the fact that I love the flavors and the packaging, I think a lip scrub is an essential beauty product. I mean, who has never had dried or chapped lips? Or the lipstick or gloss residue that is dried at the end of day on the lip and totally unglamorous?

Personally I love to have smooth and soft lips and so many times I found myself with flakey lips. Of course I was using the traditional toothbrush or wet cloth to clean them but I think it is a too aggressive solution. This lip scrub is really convenient. You can bring it any where and is such a pleasure to use. After using it, you can then apply a nice gloss or lip balm for really healthy looking lips. 

I really fell in love with this product so I wanted to share it with you. For more information you can go to the Sara Happ website.


Introduction to BB cream

15 Feb

BB Cream Ad for Watsons stores

What’s a BB CREAM ?

In China, I have the advantage to have access to a lot of Asian Cosmetic brands, especially Japanese and Korean. I was always swearing just by French brands because I knew the products and to be honest it was much easier for me to find reviews online about french products than asian ones. So when I heard about the BB cream I was like what cream ? Being curious about this phenomena in Asia, I had to search into this mysterious BB cream and why it is such a huge success here. Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year!

8 Feb

Liu Wen for Vogue China


I would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year !

My resolution for this year is to be more serious about my blog because I really have so many things to say but I don’t take the time to write. 

I think blogging  is much harder than I had expected. It is serious work and if you are not commited to it, it is easy to give up.

So I wish this year will bring a lot of people to my blog and those same people will enjoy reading me.

I also wish you a lot of happiness for this new year!

I put the picture of the chinese super model Liu Wen because she is one of the first chinese model to make it on the international fashion show! In the futur I would like to introduce you more famous chinese people in the world of fashion, beauty, culture and food.


When Zara lost inspiration!

24 Jun

Betty's picture in 2009


As we know, Zara based its success on creating multiple collections all year long inspired by famous brands for an accessible price. However, who could imagine that now they are finding inspiration on famous fashion blogs? Last May, the famous French blogger Betty (i.e. blog de Betty) has complained about a t-shirt from Zara who is almost the same replica of one of her own pictures that she has published on her blog.

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A Deriva !

23 Jun


Few weeks ago I watched the film A Deriva (Adrift for the English title). It is a Brazilian drama directed by Heitor Dhalia. It competed at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Continue reading

Does the miraculous cream exist? The answer is YES!

22 Jun


I would like to introduce you the cream who saved my LIFE, ok may be just my SKIN but still huge for me.

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Let’s start by Shanghai Expo!

10 Jun


China's Pavillion

Hi guys, 

Living in Shanghai for more than 2 years, I think it can be good to show some pics of the 2010 World Expo.
I would like to share with you my first impression on this event. 

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